The New Cannabis Patch For Fibromyalgia

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There is a good chance that you’ve heard of fibromyalgia. While this medical condition is surprisingly rare, it is still infamous, due to the intense pain and suffering it can bring to the patient. It is estimated that only two to four percent of the population suffer from fibromyalgia and the mass majority of patients happen to be female. Until recently, there was really no reliable treatment for this devastating condition. Now, patients have an alternative in the form of a cannabis patch. Below, you’ll learn more about the problem and how the patch may help.

The Common Symptoms

This medical problem is characterized by chronic pain being felt throughout the body. It is also believed that patients may experience a heightened pain response, as their body attempts to deal with the pressure. Other patients may experience lethargy, difficulties sleeping and trouble retaining memories. Suffice to say, this unique ailment can easily cause one’s quality of life to drop significantly. And, the treatments that were available often decreased the quality of life even lower. The cannabis patch may offer a reprieve to patients that are looking for pain relief without the other side effects brought on by narcotic pain relievers.

Introducing Cannabis Science

Today, sufferers of fibromyalgia can rejoice. They finally have an alternative solution to their unique problem and it comes by way of Cannabis Science. This company is solely dedicated to the manufacturing of cannabis-based treatments for numerous medical problems. The company attempts to create cannabinoid-based therapies that are actually able to improve the user’s quality of life. Despite being relatively unknown to most, Cannabis Science Inc. has gone where many other companies will not. Within the last months, the company announces two brand-new drugs. One uses cannabis to dull diabetic neuropathy nerve pain and the other is specifically designed for patients of fibromyalgia.

The Cannabis Patch For Fibromyalgia

The new drug is being labeled as a transdermal adhesive patch. It is designed to deliver a specific amount of medication directly to the patient’s bloodstream. Delivery of the medication in the manner is believed to be able to promote healing of an injured area. It is often thought that transdermal drug delivery can be superior to oral and even intravenous delivery methods. Simultaneously, the patch will allow for a stricter release of the medication to ensure that the patient doesn’t experience any adverse effects. The patch manufactured by Cannabis Science relies on high potency cannabinoid extract.

CBD Extract

The heart and soul of the medication is the CBD extract, which is the second big cannabinoid after THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This unique chemical is known to deliver enormous benefits to the patient in terms of pain relief. It can also help fight off inflammation. Select studies have proven that CBD might be a far better pain reliever than traditional medications. The company also confirmed that they’re currently busy researching other potential uses for Cannabis. Patients suffering from fibromyalgia can breathe a sigh of relief, while others should hang on tight. There is a possibility that a cannabis alternative may be heading your way sooner rather than later.